A Little News from Little by Little

On behalf of Little by Little, Sue Walsh has received the 2014 Chicago Women of Concern Humanitarian Award. Learn more about this honor here.

You can order Sue's award-winning book about Little by Little's work in Haiti on the official Walking in Broken Shoes website.

The award-winning documentary based on Sue's book and Little by Little's work, "Today We Saw the Face of God," is now available on Amazon, On Demand Pay Per View, and several other outlets.

4 Years Later: Notes about the 2010 earthquake

On January 12, 2010 a catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti. Centered near Petionville, just outside Port-au-Prince, the quake caused unimaginable damage. At the time of the earthquake, Little By Little’s Team 7 was just completing their week long medical mission trip at Mountain Top Ministries’ clinic in Gramothe. They saw and treated over 1,000 people at the clinic, bringing improved health and their gentle touch to each patient. Immediately after the earthquake these same 23 volunteers became first responders at a nearby hospital which had very limited supplies, one doctor, and a few nurses. Within an hour a few team members returned with a truckload of supplies including bandages, IV equipment, suturing materials, antibiotics and pain medications. They worked for hours, well past midnight to treat over 100 severely injured people. With prayers, tears and heavy hearts, team members watched the most severely injured die, and all were held close.

Those efforts, however, are just the beginning of what will need to be a humanitarian aid effort of a scale never seen before. Those treated the night of the earthquake along with so many untreated will need ongoing medical care to survive.